Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Hi all - as I stated in my last post, I was starting a new project creating a 6 x 6 receipe book. It's far from being completed but here are a few pics of what I've put together so far. Just the cover and a page or two.

Still far from finished and looking for embellies to finish this page.
The last few days here in Chicagoland has been very hot and humid - record breaking  - I believe it hit 97 degrees today!
I had my pre-op visit with my surgeon on Monday. Everything is still a go - my son and my sister Lynne will be there waiting for me to come out of surgery. I wanted Lynne there as she will better understand the Doctor and the medical lingo more so than my son, Jake!! No offense Jakey :-)
Well, sounds like we are getting storm warnings on the TV - better go check it out.

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