Sunday, September 8, 2013

Wedding pics

Happy Sunday!
The big day has come and gone already. But what a beautiful day it was. Sun was shining, rained while we were in church and by the time we left the church, the sun was back out! Is it true when they say rain brings good luck on your wedding day?!
I have a ton of pictures but will only bore you with just a few. These are from my smart phone. Can't wait to see the professional pictures taken by the photographer!

They are not married yet! The polish have a custom where the parents bless the couple before leaving for the church. In this picture, they are leaving for the church after the blessing. The bridesmaid to the far right in background is my daughter Dana.
My godson Aiden was their ring bearer. The flower girls dresses were handmade in Poland and shipped over to the states.

The whole wedding party - all 29 of them!

And here I am, the happy mother of the groom. My sister took this picture before the guests started arriving.

And that is it from me today. I am spending the afternoon cleaning and organizing my craft room. I am hoping to get motivated to start making cards again! My workspace is a disaster! Have a great week and hopefully I'll be back next weekend with some new cards to share.
Until then -