Sunday, September 9, 2012


It has been much too long since I last blogged. Yes it has been weeks since I've been here. Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging. Family, work, etc; get the picture?! I haven't even had a chance to get into my little craft space to play around. This morning is the first time in weeks that I have actually sat down at my computer and visited all my favorite blogs! Lots of inspiration - can't wait to start. Seems like alot of you are starting your fall projects - fall, halloween and Thanksgiving! I even saw some Christmas - yikes!

I have been doing some work related travelling. My last trip was to Southern California. After a week of training in our California office, my boss, who is a native of southern California, extended an invitation to stay with her over the Labor Day weekend. I met alot of her friends and family along with visiting lots of nice beaches!

A sweet and sticky fingered 2 year old little boy got a hold of my camera so I was not aware of how poor some of my pictures turned out! The above blurry picture is of Huntington Beach. I think you can make out the Pacific Ocean and the people. Besides Hungtinton Beach, we visited Newport Beach and did some shopping and ate dinner in Laguna Beach.

This picture was taken at Canyon Lake. It is a residential subdivision with beautiful homes along this lake. A friend was kind enough to take us on a tour of the lake in her boat.

I took this picture from inside of the car driving to work one morning. I was in awe of the mountains. I kept telling my boss how fasinated I am that in one direction are the mountains, and the opposite direction is the ocean. Can you tell I am from Illinois!

Well peeps, that is it from me this beautiful Sunday morning. My plans today call for some TLC in my flower beds that have been neglected terribly. Enjoy your Sunday!