Sunday, September 18, 2016

1 month old!

I am in awe! I simply cannot believe my little peanut is already a month old as of 9-16. This little nugget is already outgrowing his newborn sleepers! Time for this grandma to go shopping!

I finally found some time to make my own little mini album for pictures of my grandson! I just started it yesterday so here are just few pictures taken with my cell.

 This is the front cover. Papers and cardstock elements are from Doodlebug's "Snips & Snails" line.

Inside front cover with a pocket - not embellished yet!

Inside back cover - no pocket yet. You can see part of the binding system to the left.
I can't wait to fill this mini album with lots and lots of pictures of Bradley! I just bought Doodlebug's "Boos and Brews" paper line to make his very first Halloween photo album!
That's it from me. Thank you for stopping by. Your comments are appreciated!


  1. Such a sweet baby! Your album looks beautiful, Nancy.

  2. I think I said congrats on FB but it may have gotten lost in the shuffle! Oh, God, Bradley is just so perfect. I don't know Joanna well so it's hard for me to say who he looks like. Who cares? Ha! It's so great to hold and rock and sniff (!!!) a baby again. With Emily due in 6 weeks I can't help but have memories of her as my first baby and how nothing else mattered. I think I'm going to be obnoxious!

    Jeff and his wife are also expecting in February...a boy or girl, they don't want to know. I sort of like that. All I can say is don't ask me to watch them all at once. ;-D

    Bless all of you during these happy times!


    P.S. The album is looking good!