Sunday, August 7, 2016

Birthday #11

Good Sunday morning to everyone. Hope you are enjoying your summer. Here in Chicago land we are enjoying some relief from hot and humid 90 degree weather. It's a balmy 82 today! Loving this weather so much as I don't want to think about winter just yet.

Last weekend we celebrated my Godson Aiden's 11th birthday with a Beach party theme. So of course I made his birthday card using the Bo Bunny Beach Therapy paper line and embellishments.

Sea shells I bought from Michaels

and this is the inside.
My sister came up with the beach theme since they had a new pool installed this spring.

some of the party guests

can't have a beach party without a palm tree!

Ocean water (bottled water)

pool noodles (licorice)

the birthday boy

our first shrimp boil!

the birthday cake

 Now we are counting down the days to when my first grandbaby will enter this world! My DIL is due 8/26 but at her last checkup, the Dr. seems to think it will be a little sooner than that!

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  1. Awesome card, Nancy! What a fun birthday party! I know you must be really excited with the impending arrival of your grandchild soon.

  2. Great party theme! I sure could use a pool in my backyard!

    Sending best wishes to Jake and Joanna. Emily is 6 months along and the heat and swelling of her feet (from being on them all day) is making her miserable.

    I know you must be so anxious to hold that little guy in your arms. I know I am. May not give her back to Emily and Mike!! ;-D