Sunday, January 17, 2016


Happy Sunday! Here in Chicago land, we are trying to stay warm. We have a wind chill advisory in effect for tonight so I'll be staying indoors.
I started out making a birthday card with an image displayed on my computer screen for some inspiration but my card ended up totally different! I'm not sure if I like it. It seems to need something more but I don't know what! Any suggestions?

I embossed a white panel and layered it on a piece of purple cardstock. I then wrapped a piece of purple ribbon around the 2 panels and adhered it to my card front.

As I was reorganizing - again - I came across a package of cameos and thought I would somehow incorporate it onto my card. I took a large filigree from Butterbee Scraps and using a strong adhesive, glued one of the cameos onto it and centered it over the ribbon. It still needed something so I added the 2 purple pearls in opposite corners of the card.

That is it from me. Back to the craft table to work on some more cards! Stay warm folks!

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  1. What a pretty card, Nancy! The cameo fits so perfectly on the filigree.