Friday, January 11, 2013

..another birthday

Another Sunday is here already - boy, did this weekend go by fast! Maybe because my sweet little godson came to stay for the weekend! I treasure the time we spend together; whether it is playing with Lego's, building make-believe vehicles and ships with headless pirates and flying creatures or playing Mario Bros on the Wii - everything goes on hold while he is here. There is going to come a time where he will be 'too big' to want to hang out with his Aunt Nancy! So I'll take it while I can.
I made this card with a birthday theme in mind. But actually, I think it can be used for any occasion. I debated on adding some sort of sentiment on a tag in the lower corner but then I didn't. Which is why it can be used for any occasion.

It looks as if I took these pictures with black and white film but it's actually in color! The papers are gray with black, gray and white in it. The ribbons and lace trim are also from my stash as is the 2 little flowers glued to the center of the bow. The silver and  pearl doohickey is not a stick pin-believe it or not! It is actually connected to a flimsy piece of wire. I found these at Hobby Lobby. Very inexpensive, I might add!

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. I am hoping to be back with some Valentine cards to share -


  1. This is absolutely lovely Nancy! Love the color scheme,very elegant. Have a great weekend!!


  2. This is stunning!! I love the colors and the little floral grouping!