Sunday, January 8, 2012

Final scrapbook...

Hi all,
Hope 2012 has started off good for all of you. I spend a quiet evening at home with my nephew Aiden watching the festivities on TV. I did buy a package of horn blowers for us to share at midnight but we never saw midnight! But Aiden still got to blow his horns.
Speaking of Aiden, I finally finished the last of his scrapbooks. Every year since he was born (2005), I have made him a scrapbook covering the last 12 months. When he turned 5 in 2010, that would have been his last book. However, I never finished it in time to give it to him (his mother). I finally finished it this past week. Here are a few pages from it:

Aiden has always been fascinated with fire trucks and the apparel that goes along with it! For his birthday, his dad contacted a friend in the local fire dept. and arranged for this fire engine, with all its flashing lights and sirens on, to pay a visit to the birthday boy!

This picture was taken after a trip to our local Build A Bear store. And of course, Aiden named his furry friend, "Mr.Fire Chief". And Mr. Fire Chief is outfitted in only the best fireman's clothing along with boots, helmet, and suspenders!

This page shows off Aiden's obsession with tools. I took him to the toy store one afternoon and he picks out a tool set that included a belt and safety hat!

Christmas, 2010.

And this was taken on his Golden birthday - August 5, 2010. I'm going to miss making these little 8x8 scrapbooks for my sweet little Godson. But with all the pictures I take of him, I'm sure I'll be altering picture frames and shadow boxes or something with his picture all over it!

Well that's it for me. I'm in the middle of cleaning out my craft room and reorganizing it. What a mess! What a huge chore!! I have way too much stuff and not sure what to do with it all!

Enjoy your sunday -


  1. how adorable! He sure is a doll! cherry

  2. Thats my Aiden. I share him with Aunt Nanshee. He loves spending weekends with you Nanshee. He gets you all to himself. I will miss the 8 X 8's. Better get cracking on my own albums before he is 25.