Monday, July 25, 2011

Another baby boy

Hi all,
How was your weekend? Here in the Chicago area we had a couple of nasty storms roll through early Saturday morning and Sunday...the thunder was so loud it woke me out of a deep, sound sleep. The lightening was pretty scary too. Whenever there is an electrical storm, I hold my breath and pray my power doesn't go out. I dread the thought of my partially finished basement flooding. I do have a battery backup sump pump but you just never know!!

Are you all seeing alot of Japanese Beetles on your flowers and trees? I sure am. As soon as I start spraying the liquid Seven, they fly out of the trees in swarms! Next time, I am wearing a ski mask and long sleeves - hehehe!

My friend at work loved the 'congrats on becoming a Grandma' card. So for the baby shower I am going to in August, I followed the same layout, used the same pattern paper but changed up the ribbon and used a different Crafty Secrets cardstock die cut.

I found a couple more challenges to enter. So I think I will sign off and go to work on them! Have a great Monday!

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