Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year-2017

 Are you ready for a new year?  A fresh, new start?  I happen to love new beginnings and a clean slate! As a matter of fact, I have already started to clean out my craft room. The first 5 minutes I had already filled a box! I'm saving the Christmas totes for last. I just can't put them away yet.

I made another gift box of tags, cards and goodies which makes the 3rd one.

 I used an old Christmas paper line from Stampin Up called Christmas Jingle.

 Each compartment holds 4 long tags...

4 cards...

..and 4 square tags.

The 3 small compartments on the side will hold any edible treats if you so chose or any bits and bobs you want to fill it with.

That's it from me. Back to 'out with the old; in with the new' - cleaning out my craft room.

Here is a sweet picture of my son and grandson taken at the pediatrician's office during the baby's 4 month checkup a couple of weeks ago.

Have a great week ahead!


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