Saturday, April 28, 2012

Happy Saturday! Looks like I've missed alot while in Boston these past few days. Blogger got a new look, huh? Now I have to start all over learning this new layout for blogger! Just when I was getting use to the old one - lol!
My Boston trip was fun - part pleasure, part business.
The below picture was taken at the Union Oyster House which is the oldest resturant in all of America!
The food (I ordered the salmon) was delicious!

Look at the size of this lobster my friend ordered!

And of course we had to visit the actual Cheers bar where the sitcom "Cheers" was filmed.

We also took the trolley tour but I wasn't able to take pictures as it was raining and windy and very dreary looking. But a very historical and fact-based tour it was!
While in Boston, I received a text from my sister that my nephew/godson Aiden lost his first tooth! He was just so thrilled about it that he asked my sister to take a picture of him without his tooth and text it to me!

In addition to him losing his first tooth, he also brought home his first puppy! All little boys need to grow up with their own little puppy, right?  Everyone, meet Lola!

She is all german shephard - as Aiden says - "sherman leopard"! She is 6 or 7 weeks old and about 20 lbs right now. The size of her paws tell me she is going to be a big girl! Well, that is it for me - no new cards to post. I am still unpacking from Boston and repacking for my cruise which is in 6 days! Yahoo! Heading out now to Aiden's first baseball game of the season...and it's raining. Wonder if it will be cancelled?
Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Hi Nancy ... thanks so much for leaving me a comment ... much appreciated ... I am putting you on my blog list ... you have a neat blog! I love your photos and I LOVE your puppy!! I have had 2 GS dogs ... both female ... they were the love of my life ... Where are you going on your cruise? ... Have fun!